Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you very much for being a customer of the SCG Team Store and for your encouragement. As you know, we work with a very high motivation sparked by the energy we get from you. We wanted you to know we are affected by the pandemic and its after-effects like the rest of the world. We are in an era where significant change is occurring in the supply chain and shipping cargo services. We are naturally affected by both increasing costs and delays. We try not to pass the costs on to you as much as possible, but unfortunately, we cannot control the delays in shipping systems. And, we want to explain how our team's online store works for these reasons.

We are a small team fighting the giants of the motor world. Everything we do is about making you a partner in our dreams and achieving our goals together. Everything we sell in our Team Store, even the most minor order, helps us participate in the races and meet our costs. That's why your support and happiness are essential to us. It is our goal that you enjoy every product you buy. However, we want you to know that we do not hold stock. None of the items in our store are waiting to be shipped from a warehouse. Every order is being fulfilled as made-to-order. After we receive your order, we buy the products from our suppliers. After the product is delivered, we do the customization by hand for each product and send them to you. It is why our products are exceptional, and orders are prepared for dispatch in a minimum of 10 Business Days.

Your understanding and support are precious to us, so we wanted to explain how our store works. As you know, we are the only brand in this sector with no secrets, expressing everything fearlessly as it is because of you.

We will grow together. We are Glickenhaus. It's not just us; you're Glickenhaus too.

Thanks again for following our adventures and for your precious support.

Team Glickenhaus


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